1. southerncrotch:

    For Bryan Hawn, I would totally make an exception to the “don’t stick your dick in crazy” rule.

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  2. southerncrotch:

    Executive break room



  3. southerncrotch:

    Always remember to stretch after working out, when the muscles are hottest.

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  4. southerncrotch:

    Just along for the ride

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  5. southerncrotch:

    His shorts can’t contain his excitement

  6. southerncrotch:

    He does give a flying fuck.

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  7. strictlyinnocent:

    that was nice of him to help his bro out

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  8. southerncrotch:

    This picture does a good job of evoking the feeling of getting fucked

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  9. southerncrotch:

    Giddyup! (Look at how stiff his nipples are. Wow!)

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  10. southerncrotch:

    Officers Club

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